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Harvest regulations instituted over the past 15 years show signs of reversing population reductions.

While continuing declines at sub-regional levels are being observed, regulatory mechanisms at national, coast-wide, and state levels are in place to reverse declines and prevent local extinction.

Thus, is Vulnerable at the species level with potential for assignment to a higher risk category at the regional and sub-regional levels, particularly the Yucatán Peninsula region, New England area of the Mid-Atlantic region, and Great Bay estuary within the Gulf of Maine region.

The generation time based on the life history for the Mid-Atlantic region is approximately 13-14 years (Sweka . It may be that the generation time for at least some of the southernmost populations is considerably shorter than 13-14 years.

The assessment data and narrative were used to determine the status of the American Horseshoe Crab species ( have occurred over much of its range, but in particular within the Mid-Atlantic region.

The cause is understood to be over-harvest, which has been corrected through active management intervention over much of the range.

Horseshoe Crabs have persisted for more than 200 million years (Botton and Ropes 1987, Shuster 2001, Tanacredi 2001, Anderson and Shuster 2003) and unmistakable fossil forms of Horseshoe Crabs have been found as far back as 450 million years ago (Sekiguchi 1988, Rudkin and Young 2009).Therefore, in all contexts, the English content, as directly provided by the IUCN Red List is to be held authoritative." Justification: Conceptually, the Horseshoe Crab assessment integrates information on management and conservation actions, major threats, habitat and population responses, and population genetic structure (Figure 2 in the Supplementary Material).The population responses, in terms of abundance, geographic range, and viability, along with genetic structure inform risk at the regional level, which in turn, informs the assessment of species' extinction risk (Figure 2 in the Supplementary Material).However, recent efforts to locate breeding populations (Schaller 2002, Schaller .2005) reveal that the northern extent of the species is Frenchman Bay east of Mt.

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