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Since the IT world is ever expanding and evolving, the material in My TECHIopedia is continuously being updated and is verified by multiple sources.

My TECHIopedia also provides a user-friendly search engine and 1-CLICK navigation providing immediate, relevant and informative short description information.

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It is also crucial, today more than ever, to safeguard the physical safety of yourself, other family members, or work colleagues.

Training materials, as well as links to help-centres and government portals are provided to offer the very best advice associated with such a sensitive and important topic.

The Internet is a worldwide telecommunications system that provides connectivity to millions of smaller networks and is often referred to as a network of networks.

First established in 1999, The Computer School is an online computer and technology-based training center providing direct, and secure links to thousands of short, user-friendly lessons covering virtually all of today’s most commonly-used technologies, tasks, apps, tablets, devices and software. The Computer School's Technology Training Directory (TTD) contains more than 22,000 safe and secure links to engaging and accurate, quick-format lessons and tutorials.

Content is fully categorized, perfectly suited for beginners, intermediate and advanced users, outcome based, and targeted for people of all ages, including mature learners.

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