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12/19/17 Donald Trump’s decision to decertify the Iran nuclear deal is a slap in the face for America’s allies. The protector of Americans against the big, bad world: that’s how the president sees himself. Typical Trump, making a pompous pronouncement to feel good about himself and satisfy his supporters.The president risks isolating the US for the sake of his own fans — and his own ego, writes DW’s Carsten von Nahmen. And also how many of his supporters view him, and precisely why they voted for him. Others can deal with the details, thank you very much.One church camera even captured holy ghost flying in the church….I wrote it in small letter oooo……ALL NA WORK.” A commentor, Acheme David Ijegwa, said, “How lost Christians have become, unable to discern where the Spirit of God resides.

A commentor, Omo9ja, said, “What these fake pastors will cause in this country, they will not be able to solve it. Business / church centres.” Admonisher, another reader, wrote, “This is so against the Biblical teachings on marriage.

The letter’s thrust: The draft US tax bill, if passed as written a week ago, would represent a break with global fair-taxation rules as applied to corporations, and represent a thinly disguised form of trade war. government’s rights over domestic tax policy be exercised in a way that adheres with international obligations to which it has signed-up.

“The United States is Europe’s single most important trade and investment partner,” the finance ministers wrote. The inclusion of certain less conventional international tax provisions could contravene the US’s double taxation treaties and may risk having a major distortive impact on international trade.” A day later, a similar letter was sent to Mnuchin by the European Commission’s four most senior economic officials and made many of the same points. Donald Trump played the strongman in his televised speech announcing the United States’ new strategy on Iran. On top of that, the fact that Trump shoves responsibility for the solution to the problem off onto Congress only shows how irresponsible this man is.

Still worse, Trump’s bullying of the UN may obscure the seriousness of the issue at hand.

Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem is not a real estate decision.

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