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He said he loved me, and urged me to take as much time as I needed, promising, “I’ll be here.”As it turns out, I’m the one who ended up missing him like crazy!Within a week of breaking up (during which I called several times), we were back together.When I met my husband-to-be at my best friend’s wedding, I was honestly not that impressed.To me, the well-dressed, dark haired young man was just the third in-a-row of eager single guys my grandmother insisted on introducing me to at the wedding reception. He first noticed me during the ceremony where I was maid of honor.In fact, by the time she brought him over, I was too irritated by her all-to-obvious attempts to find me a boyfriend to really pay him much attention. Later at the reception, he watched me from across the room, wishing he could meet me, but too shy to make a move, until Providence—in the form of my grandmother—intervened.“I just had to come over here and meet the handsome young man in such a fancy suit!” she said, introducing herself as “grandmother of the maid of honor.” Then she asked him if he’d like to meet me.

She's so kind and loving and brilliant and beautiful.

During our brief conversation, I tried to be polite and make small talk between bites of wedding cake, but Brian could tell I was not interested.

It probably didn’t help that I was dating someone else at the time.

I told him I needed space to think to be sure we were right together.

While I expected an emotional scene, Brian’s confident response surprised (and attracted) me.

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