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That could be the cell with the current information of workbook or worksheet name. Sheets("Sheet2") End If Next Sheet Workbooks(Filename). Close Filename = Dir() Loop End Sub Hi there, the workbooks that i'm copying all only have one sheet, each named as a number 1-54, they represent 54 weeks of data.There is much information on how to consolidate worksheet data ranges into a single sheet. I'd like the new workbook to contain all 54 sheets named correctly so that I can keep track of the order. Thank you for your code by the way, much appreciated. Screen Updating = True End Sub Am I doing anything wrong? Thank you, Guilherme Got a version of Excel that uses the menu interface (Excel 97, Excel 2000, Excel 2002, or Excel 2003)? If you use a later version of Excel, visit our Excel Tips site focusing on the ribbon interface.would return only workbooks that have "Budget20" at the beginning and any two characters after that. Mastering advanced Excel macros has never been easier. Based on your brief description we can only give a general direction: You could use, for example, the Application.Sub Combine Sheets() Dim s Path As String Dim s Fname As String Dim w Bk As Workbook Dim w Sht As Variant Application. Screen Updating = False s Path = Input Box("Enter a full path to workbooks") Ch Dir s Path s Fname = Input Box("Enter a filename pattern") s Fname = Dir(s Path & "\" & s Fname & ".xl*", vb Normal) w Sht = Input Box("Enter a worksheet name to copy") Do Until s Fname = "" Set w Bk = Workbooks. Check out Hi Sniper Yours is a very typical requirement. Input Box with option Type:=8, which will ask you to select a range.Plus, discover how to create simple formulas that connect different worksheets, make super-efficient 3D formulas to calculate summary totals from multiple worksheets, and use Pivot Tables to summarize data from multiple workbooks.David has several workbooks that have several worksheets in each of them.

But how do you analyze data that's spread out that way?There are days when we don't receive all the 7 reports(4 are daily reports & 3 are weekly reports). I want the macro to collate the data from all the 4 workbooks into a single workbook, and paste it one below other in respective sheets as per the reports name. Paste Special Paste:=xl Paste All End With Else With Master Workbook. I think it would be helpful to explain it again, I get there are 7 total possible reports, 4 are daily, 3 are weekly; from the 7 reports, in the Master Workbook these there are 7 sheets, whose tab name corresponds with the report name. There are a number of different ways you can approach this problem, and all of them involve the use of macros.(This should be no surprise—macros are designed to make quick work of tedious manual tasks.) The following macro is simple in design; it loops through all the currently open workbooks and for each workbook (except the workbook that contains the macro) copy the sheet named "Sheet1" from that workbook to the workbook containing the code.

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