Dating a sikh

The mayian happens the night before the wedding and depending on which part of the Punjab the participants are from it is celebrated accordingly.Vatna/Haldi Four lamps or diyas are lit and the bride sits facing them.The oldest maternal uncle and aunt play an important role in the performance of the ceremony.Chura is basically a set of red and cream ivory bangles that is touched by all present which is gifted by girl's Mamma (mother's Brother) the girl does not see the chura until she is ready for the marriage.People touch the chura and give their heartiest wishes to the girl for her future married life. After that, the girl’s uncle, aunt, friends and cousins tie kaliras (silver, gold or gold plated traditional ornaments) to a bangle worn by the girl.Mayian This is the preparation ceremony one day before a Punjabi wedding.Bhaat Bharna wedding gift to the mother of bride and groom from he brother.

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Usually the ceremonies are conducted in Punjabi language but the language of the religious portion may vary, such as, Arabic for Muslims.

The couple commit to enter into wedlock and to refuse other proposals of marriage. It is an unofficial engagement ceremony where the groom's family and friends come give presents, money and blessings to the bride to be.

The origin of this ceremony lies in the arranged marriage norm, where the parents would announce that they are looking for a suitable match for their son or daughter, and once they had found that match, their search had come to an end.

There is a sangeet function hosted by the girl's family, in which just a few close members of the groom's family are invited.

The bride's family play the dholak drums and sing songs in which they tease the groom and his family.

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