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ASTM A671/A671M GRADE CA 55, CB 60, CB 65, CB 70, CC 60, CC 65, CC 70 7.Monte Rio is a depressed Northern California town of 900 where the forest is so thick that some streetlights stay on all day long. This morning we went bird-watching." Proudly Kissinger reeled off the names of some of his fellow campers: "Nick Brady and his brother is here." (Brady was the U. Treasury Secretary at the time.) "Tom Johnson is here." (Then the publisher of the Los Angeles Times, who had copies of his newspaper shipped up every day.) "That Indian is here, Bajpai." (He meant Shankar Bajpai, former ambassador to the U.

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The religion they consecrate is right-wing, laissez-faire and quintessentially western, with some Druid tree worship thrown in for fun. Noted and hoary writers and personalities are members: Herman Wouk, Art Linkletter, Fred Travalena.Though I regularly violated Grove rule 20 ("Members and guests shall sign the register when arriving at or departing from the Grove"), I was never stopped or questioned.(Another rule forbade cameras outside one's own camp.The often bizarre rites have elevated what was once a provincial club for San Franciscans embarrassed by the rude manners of the Wild West into the most exclusive club in the United States, with 2,300 members drawn from the whole of the American establishment and a waiting list 33 years long. Scenting power, press lords skip in from all over the country: Joe Albritton, former owner of The Washington Star; Charles E. Burn CARE and hurl his ashes, whirling, from our glade! come out and play, come with all the buoyant impetuous rush of youth!In the first 50 years of the club's existence the Bohemian Grove was comparatively accessible to outsiders, but in the 1930s, as the club gained influence and its redwoods provided a haven for Republican presidents, it grew quite secretive about its rituals and membership -- you won't even find the Grove on public maps. Scripps and Otto Silha of Cowles Media; the Mc Clatchys of the Mc Clatchy chain; and David Gergen of U. News & World Report all obey the Bohemian command of keeping the goings-on from their readers. " And this year, when president George Elliott wrote, more drably, "Around campfires large and small, warm hospitality awaits you.

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