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It is just remotely conceivable that your correspondent may have very occasionally been guilty of this sin.

Some subjects traditionally banned at English dinner tables, such as sex and politics, are in fact the very stuff of lively debate. For example: 19 Don’t boast about the value of your property.

Someone chose you to be one of a set number of people seated at a particular table.

They have put a great deal of trouble into making this evening a success.

After 8.30pm, she will be fretting because the food’s burning and everyone’s cancelling at the last minute (see above). 3 Re dress code: gentlemen are no longer expected to wear dinner jackets, more’s the pity.

To minimise grief, try arriving within half an hour of the stated time. But if the ladies put on a nice dress, do their hair and daub on make-up, the least a chap can do is make an effort. “Feeling a little bloated afterwards” doesn’t count.

Since rising house prices are (a) the only thing keeping most middle-aged homeowners from the bread line, and (b) preventing those same homeowners’ children from finding anywhere to live, the topic is unavoidable.

But no one likes to hear anyone swank about the lottery-style bonanza they’ve just enjoyed from, say, the sale of their four-bed terraced house in Fulham – especially not if, hypothetically, the listener sold their identical residence in 1993 for a measly £200,000. 20 Don’t reveal what happens at the end of the latest must-watch imported TV drama, just to show that you’ve already seen it abroad, or that you have Netflix or Sky, or a teenage son who knows how to download it illegally for free.

There were things to do and one simply got on with doing them.

The host may, in extremis, do this if pestered by enough guests.

But the hostess is at perfect liberty to insist that he and his chums wait until the end of the meal to find out.

Of course children should not be banned from eating in adult company, either in the home or restaurants. The consumption of cocaine at the table is a sure sign that someone is, both literally and in rhyming slang, a merchant banker.

But there is nothing worse than having one’s meal ruined by crying, shrieking, running, fighting, falling over, crying again, puking nippers whose parents can’t be bothered to raise them properly. 17 Guests should respect one another’s right to free speech.

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