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My SQL 8.0 is a development series not recommended for production use.If you have any questions about the features included in your edition of My SQL 8.0, refer to your My SQL 8.0 license agreement or contact your Oracle sales representative.Being a script which you run locally it means you can both see and control how your ISO is respun.

For additional documentation on My SQL products, including translations of the documentation into other languages, and downloadable versions in variety of formats, including HTML and PDF formats, see the My SQL Documentation Library. This product may include third-party software, used under license.

Whilst some Linux distros can work OOTB regardless of architecture and bootloader I found that for Ubuntu it wasn't that simple.

To solve the limitations of using a standard ISO I developed a script that allows an ISO to be respun and customized ("remastered") to create a new ISO.

Unfortunately with the introduction of Intel Atom based mini PCs and tablets the issue of requiring a 32-bit bootloader to boot a 64-bit OS arose.

Further complications were caused by the initial lack of 'mainline' support for HDMI audio and wifi/bluetooth resulting in either the need for custom kernels or for one of the more recent 'mainline' kernels.

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