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More than 600,000 Muslims from the country's Rohingya ethnic minority have fled for their lives across the border to Bangladesh in the past ten weeks.

Every day, thousands more arrive and each has a heartrending story to tell.

Abdullah says he witnessed soldiers separate the Rohingya into three groups: men, young women (including girls as young as five) and old women or, as Abdullah chillingly described them 'those who are not so beautiful'. 'All the young men were shot at once,' recalls Abdullah.

Some villagers lay down to try to prevent themselves being forced into groups. 'It took less than ten minutes.'When the firing was over, the soldiers walked over to the pile of bodies to check for survivors.

So was the horrific slaughter of several thousands of Yazidis in Iraq by Islamic State three years ago.

And, of course, the term applies to the Holocaust, when the Nazis eliminated six million Jews during World War II.

Even more disturbing, world leaders are doing nothing to stop it.

True, these attacks took place, but were easily repulsed.

They certainly do not justify attacking hundreds of thousands of defenceless Rohingya villagers over recent weeks.

When Suu Kyi came to power in 2015 — having spent years behind bars and under house arrest for her defiance of the military regime — her country's Rohingya population was estimated at just over one million.

Today, there are probably 300,000 left — the rest are dead or have fled across the border, a perilous journey over mountains and through forests.

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