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Those wanting to gain muscle mass may want to use a variety of both free weights and machines to achieve hypertrophy.Although it does not matter how the load is placed on the muscle for muscle growth, research has shown that free weights such as barbells and dumbbells are superior to machine weights in muscle recruitment and activation, as they require more muscles to be used for any given exercise (Mc Caw & Friday, 1994).For more information on the principles behind the 10x3 Training Program, read The Power to Be Pretty: Training for Strength and Lean Mass (Charlebois, 2007).The following 10x3 training program is an adaptation of the original program.These muscle fibers are recruited first during activity, contracting slowly due to slow Myosin ATPase activity.Although Type I fibers have a high Myoglobin content, they contain low glycogen levels, using aerobic glycolysis for Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) (i.e. A high oxidative capacity, due to the many capillaries and mitochondria that they contain, allows them to have a slow rate of fatigue, therefore making them best suited for endurance activities such as distance running (Marieb, 2004).Elevated serum c Tn I is associated with a higher morbidity. Add to that the fact that each individual is unique and that what may work for someone in acquiring muscle mass may not work for another person.

Anaerobic, high-intensity resistance training (Brown, et al., 1990; Cureton, et al., 1988; Marieb, 2004; Mc Call, et al., 1996) is the best exercise stimulus for muscle growth.

Although both fast and low velocity resistance training increases muscle CSA of all muscle fiber types, fast velocity training induces greater development of the muscle, especially in Type IIa and Type IIb muscle fibers (Shepstone, et al., 2005).

Progressive overload must continually occur in order to induce adaptations and changes resulting in muscular hypertrophy.

Progressive overload can be achieved through several methods, including increasing the intensity of exercise or resistance/weight used while staying with the same set and rep range, increasing the volume by increasing the number of sets and/or reps at the same or higher weight, changing tempo and training velocity, rest periods, etc. Training programs such as the 5x5 or 6x6 work well for muscle growth, all of which are high intensity, high volume regimens.

The 10x3 training program, created by Derek "The Beast" Charlebois (2007), is of a similar nature, with mass AND strength results achieved.

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