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Rates generally declined with increasing age and were higher for women in every age group.

Description for chart 3.1 Somewhat different findings emerged when intimate partner violence escalated to homicide and this was the case for both women and men.

For this reason, any comparison of rates of spousal violence and dating partner violence should be made with caution.

All violent violations reported to and substantiated by police are included in this analysis.

Not included are those violent incidents that do not reach the attention of police, which according to the General Social Survey on victimization, represented about three-quarters of all self-reported spousal victims in 2009 (Brennan 2011).

Intimate partner violence, including both spousal and dating violence, accounts for one in every four violent crimes reported to police.

In 2011, there were approximately 97,500 victims of intimate partner violence, representing a rate of 341 victims per 100,000 population (Table 3.1).

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