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He and his girlfriend, who was the sister of Marilou Danley, had also spent some time at their home Mesquite, Nevada where Paddock mentioned his 'gun room'.'His comments were that it's a substantial hobby that needs to be protected: 'a gun room',' the man said.

'I barely slept last night thinking about this evil man living next door with a house full of guns,' one neighbor, Susan Page, told The Sun.

In an interview with the Guardian, the man said he knew Paddock to be highly intelligent and strategic but showed no behavior that could have predicted the massacre he carried out.'He was extremely intelligent, methodical, conservative, guarded and strategic.

A planning, thinking type of guy,' the man said, adding that Paddock won a a substantial amount of money using algorithms for gambling.

The portrait emerging of Paddock comes as more details are revealed of the arsenal of weapons he used to murder 58 people and injure 527 in Las Vegas on Sunday.

His weapon collection was worth tens of thousands of dollars and at least one was a made-to-order firearm made by Lewis Machine & Tool Company, a source told CBS.

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