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Keeping the example of the 0 handset, your total lease amount = (Full Retail Price – Purchase Option Price – Capital Cost Reduction) x Tax.

On this particular 0 phone, your purchase option price is 0, the capital cost reduction for less-qualified customers is 0 which means the total lease amount is just 3.75.

At any point during your 18 months you can upgrade your phone for another one.

The price you pay monthly depends on which phone you choose.

I’m hoping that I’ll learn a few new tricks along the way, and, if the ideas currently zinging around inside my head all land the right way up and in the right order then I should be able to write a demo or two, maybe even a small game as a proof of concept. So sit back and grab a beverage because this may take some time.

Naturally this project will be entirely open source so if you feel the need to copy, extend or just kick some tires then you’ll be doing so with my blessing. I decided up-front that this would be a sprite-based 2D graphics accelerator.

Staff in stores will be trained to perform a three-point inspection.

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Damage Fees Whenever you return a leased device – whether it’s at the end of your term or to upgrade – T-Mobile staff will check it for damage. In other words, you’ll have to pay off any remaining EIP balance before signing up to the lease deal. Remember, for T-Mo that now includes anyone who has successfully made 12 consecutive monthly payments.That’s .21 over the first 17 months and .18 for the last installment. Actually prices/amounts will change depending on which phone you want. Purchase Option Price is the term used for the figure you’ll need to pay (plus your lease payments and any possible deposit) to own the device.If you’re well-qualified and don’t pay anything up front, you’re monthly lease payments are higher to cover that 0 deficit. Sticking with the example above, we’ll assume you’re at the end of your 18 months and that you’ve paid your monthly lease payments every month, as well as your initial 0 deposit.What’s more, they can’t be applied to Ship-To direct fulfillment orders. A very warm welcome to my most ambitious project to date.

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