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Filing a DMCA Notice to Remove Copyrighted Content on Free Ones If you believe that your work has been copied in a way that violates your intellectual copyright, please provide us with written notice containing the following information: Please note that Free Ones does its best to respond promptly to all DMCA takedown requests, however, it could take up to 3 business days to respond.

Free Ones May Ask for Additional Information If Free Ones does not feel that your DMCA is sufficiant, or that it was falsly submitted, we may request more information from you to make sure that we have all the legal information necessary to fullfill, or deny, the DMCA notice.

On any given day we get hundreds of emails from up and coming artists wanting to get some shine at the Dope House.

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The more observant among you will have already noticed that you can now sign in to Sage One using your Google account (the one you use to access Gmail, Google Drive and the wealth of other services Google provides to business owners).(If you know someone starting or running a business, please encourage them to give it a try).This is just the latest delivery which forms part of our wider partnership with Google where we have already given all Sage One Accounts and Sage One Accounts Extra users the ability to back up their invoices to Google Drive and a single sign on for Google Apps for Business users.If you are asked for more information, please submit it promptly so we may continue processing your notice. Make sure that you indeed own the copyrights to the content before you send us a DMCA take-down notice.If you aren't sure if you actually own the copyrights to the infringing material, you should check with your attorney before submitting the notice. The Free Ones Message Board is a free service provided by Free to all those of the internet community that are 18 years of age and over.

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